Computer Clint recommends Ubuntu Studio Operating System

Ubuntu Studio is a version of Linux which is free. If you have an older computer needing upgrade or even a new computer having issues we can test it with Ubuntu Studio without making changes to your Hard Drive. If it can run this operating system from a DVD we can install it for you. Trying it is part of your Free Initial Assessment.

Security is essential

Most computer technicians do not tell people the importance of, or how to setup their computer (especially concerning security) for use with the Internet. Give us a call.

Microsoft Computer Basics

Below are some basics about Microsoft operating systems. The first thing you need to know about computers is: they all have one thing in common - they process information. Whether it's the one you are reading this with or one in your car - this fact does not change. You can sit down to any computer designed to access a web page and do so - as long as it is working properly and connected to the Internet. It does not matter if it is a Microsoft, Macintosh, Linux, or some other operating system.

Microsoft Dos / Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

Microsoft is no longer creating new security updates for these operating systems (Windows XP as of April, 8th, 2014), (Windows Vista as of April 11th, 2017), so don't use them on the Internet. If you have old applications or games you use on one of these that's great. Just because it's old does not mean it can't perform well, just choose wisely what you use it for.

There are three basic types of accounts you can use on newer versions of Microsoft Windows. There is the Guest account which most people will never use except in a public setting such as a mall. The Administrator accounts are the opposite of the Guest account. With these accounts the user can do everything from installing and un-installing software and hardware and making system changes. The problem with using Administrator accounts all the time is that when the user is on the Internet everything the user accesses on the Internet also has full Administrator access ... so Viruses and Spyware can install themselves. What we commonly hear from customers is, Well I have XYZ Antivirus program to take care of that.

So we explain the life cycle of a Virus/Spyware...

When a new Virus/Spyware is created, it is sent out into the world and at least several thousand peoples' computers get infected by it. Then the Antivirus/Anti-Spyware companies get it and study it. Then those companies create definition files for users to download and be protected from this new threat. It is important to have good Antivirus and Anti-Spyware programs and use them but most of the peoples' computers who get infected with these nasties would not have had to deal with them if they had not been using an Administrator account while using the Internet. In fact ... most peoples computers that get infected have an Anitvirus program installed.

Antivirus programs are only as good as what they know about. So not only do you need to install it, but you need to update and and let is scan regularly.

This brings us to the third main type of account on Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 ... have a Standard account. With these types of accounts it is much hard for Viruses/Spyware to install. It is necessary to log on to an Administrator account to do maintenance such as Windows Updates and virus scans once in a while. While no one can guarantee 100% protection, using a Standard account most of the time will help significantly.

So ... it is most important to make sure you are not logging in with Administrator Privileges all the time on these operating systems. If you do, expect to have problems. Hackers/Virus writers/Spyware writers etc. hope you will log on as Administrator all the time... SO DON'T DO IT!

If a computer technician tells you it's alright to log in as Administrator all the time, they most likely want your repeat business for fixing Viruses! We like repeat business too, and even give discounts for scheduled 6 month maintenance, but we prefer to give our customers good advise so they do not have to keep getting the same problems fixed time after time. This also helps us sleep with a clear conscience knowing we've truly tried to help customers.

Therefore, we make every effort to set you up correctly the first time. We will set up your system(s) to keep them functioning, provided they are used responsibly. We will also recommend and install programs, and take the time to explain them to you, enabling you to take care of small issues yourself. You can also call us after you get your computer back to ask questions about running things like Windows Updates. If you need more in-depth assistance we will happily come help you.


Performing maintenance on your computer(s) is very important and becomes more important with newer faster computers. It is important to make sure computers have the most current security updates, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware updates and have the applicable programs scan the computer on a regular basis. It is also important to blow the dust out of computers periodically to help them from having heat issues because heat dissipation and good air flow go hand in hand.

Computer Clint offers a 55% discount on Maintenance if done every 6 months.

To be eligible for the 6 Month Maintenance discount on a Microsoft Windows computer the customer must have:

1. Purchased NOD32 Antivirus from Computer Clint LLC.

2. Have Windows and Programs updated and cleaned up.

3. Have the Windows System Security updated.

To be eligible for the 6 Month Maintenance discount on a Linux computer the customer must have:

1. Purchased NOD32 Antivirus from Computer Clint LLC.

2. Have the Linux Operating System and Programs updated and cleaned up.

3. Have the Linux System Security updated.