Computer Systems

New Systems

We no longer list any suggested computer systems on our site because prices change so frequently. The best way for us to meet your new computer needs to to talk to you ... after all, you, the customer, know what type of performance you want. We can translate that into what type of system you need. We give free quotes and are always happy to talk to customers.

Buying a new computer is a big decision for most people and everyone should get all the appropriate choices. We can help you narrow down your choices based on your current and possible future needs. After talking with you we will get you a quote and depending on your needs and budget, we can modify the quote to meet your requirements. Be advised we are not the cheapest because we only recommend quality parts. We want your computer(s) to work as well as if we owned them.

Used Parts and Systems

Call us for information on our new and used computers and parts.

Used Computer Systems are very affordable, and guaranteed for 30 days. Please contact us with your needs for a quote. Subject to availability.

Operating systems, software, monitors, and other peripherals are sold separately for all systems.

When purchasing a computer from Computer Clint LLC we require an 80% deposit before ordering the parts. After your deposit has been made we need 7-14 days to receive, assemble, and test your new computer before we deliver it.